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Does the Thought of Managing Your Money Make Your Head Swim?

Are You Ready to Finally Take Control of Your Money and Your Life?


Let's be honest.  Have you had it with feeling a lack of control around your money and your finances?  Are you ready for a proven, easy-to-use system that will put you in driverís seat?  Well, keep reading for exciting news.

Hi, my name is Ernie Martin, but my clients call me ďThe Cashflow Coach.Ē  I have a secret but

you have to promise not to laugh. I have always been very skilled at managing my money. I

worked at a huge corporation for many years as a Financial Analyst and I learned to use the

secrets of the corporate world with my personal finances. Okay, some people might laugh and

 call me a geek, but it feels really great to be financially free.  And, gradually, I created a system

 that was fast, easy and effective and took just minutes a day.


Then I was laid off from my job.  Because I always followed my own rules I wasnít anxious

about money.  In fact, I took a ten-week journey of a lifetime to India and didnít think about

looking for a job for over a year after I got back home.


I made a career change.  I accepted a position as a credit counselor for a nationwide agency.

My life changed forever.  I counseled over 2,000 people, helping them master their money. 

Iíve seen it all.  People came to my office discouraged and anxious.  Their finances were out of



Who could blame them?  Does any school offer a class called ďMoney 101Ē?  I donít think so. 


I kept a box of tissues handy on my desk for all the people who were embarrassed, shameful,

 confused, upset and tearful.  My heart went out to them.  I was committed to helping every person

who came through my door.  I knew I had to do more to help.  Eventually I left and created my

own financial coaching business. Thatís how I became known as ďThe Cashflow Coach.Ē


      I created a system to help you finally take control of your financial destiny.  Itís the same

      information I share with my personalized coaching clients but for lot less money.  Iím so excited

      about my Amazing Cashflow Wealth System I just had to share the benefits with you.

How to manage Money and Live Stress Free

  • How to resolve your financial stress and disorganization without becoming a ďbean counter.Ē
  • How to organize your monthly income and expenses on one sheet of paper.
  • Why you must track expenses for true money mastery.
  • The emotional benefits you will enjoy once your Cashflow system is under control.
  • Developing proper spending habits for a lifetime of financial freedom

Manage Your Credit and Have Peace of Mind

  • What your credit report contains and why you should care
  • Why you must order your credit report once a year and what to do with it once you have it.
  • How to dispute a mistake in your credit report and win.
  • How to wisely obtain a loan to consolidate your debt.
  • Secrets to paying less every month and keeping your credit balances low.
  • How to improve your credit score.
  • How to build or start a good credit rating.
  • How to negotiate with credit card companies to lower your interest rates.
  • Warning: Identity theft could hit you.  How to prevent it.


The Truth About Money Attitudes and Affirmations


  • How to create positive money and wealth attitudes.
  • How to stop the insanity and have more money now!
  • How to communicate with your partner or spouse peacefully about money issues.
  • Why you should use and repeat wealth and prosperity words every day.
  • Words to avoid that will prevent you from attracting the prosperity you deserve.
  • How to use your subconscious mind to help you build wealth faster than ever.
  • How your subconscious mind can help you overcome your personal financial challenges.
  • How visualization works to create wealth and prosperity.
  • How to program your subconscious mind for wealth.
  • Why wealth and prosperity affirmations are effective and how they should be used.


Also included with Action-packed Workbook:


  • Your monthly cashflow/spending plan sheets for one entire year.
  • Easy-to-use, step-by-step monthly expense tracking sheets for one year.
  • Guidelines for smart spending.
  • 21 immediate money-saving tips.
  • 18 intermediate to long term money-saving tips.
  • 12 effortless ways to slash your debt fast.
  • Practical solutions to manage your money and improve your life.
  • Phone numbers and websites for credit bureaus.
  • What to do if you are denied credit.
  • What the collection agencies cannot do and a solution to resolve.
  • Sample letters to credit bureauís to fight your credit report and win.
  • Credit resources and additional information to make you a savvy money manager.
  • 21 Wealth and prosperity affirmations to improve your money attitudes.
  • Positive affirmations to help change your thoughts and get control over your money life.
  • How to keep and write a fun financial journal. 

Now that Iíve shared with you the benefits of my Cashflow Wealth System, I encourage you to take action now.

Donít you owe it to yourself to get the help you need and deserve to have a better life? Wouldnít it be wonderful to not worry about the credit card bills? What will you do if your company has another wave of lay-offs in this topsy-turvy economy? If youíre an entrepreneur you can protect yourself if your business experiences a downturn. You can step away from the rat race. You can have financial freedom. All you have to do is take the time to learn how to get it.

Wouldnít it feel great to know you are in control, breathing easy and that your financial destiny is opening up for you?  Itís almost impossible to manifest more money into your life until you have proven the ability to manage the money you have right now. 

Stop wasting needless money on late fees and other charges.  Donít spend another day wondering if your credit card will be approved when you make a purchase.  Stop the drama and the questions and take control right now.

Take that step and say "yes" to your future. Do it now.

The Amazing Cashflow Wealth System E-book download for only $19.95 USD.

Thatís right, just for $19.95 USD, you are on your way to Debt Free and Financial Freedom.


Yours in financial freedom,


Ernie Martin

The Cashflow Coach



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